Saturday, October 4, 2008

Running Route Mapper

I added a new tool to the right side of my blog. My friend Steve shared this running route map tool from USATF - I ran a new route today and had no idea how long it was but thanks to this tool I figured out it was 4.5 miles. You can also search on other folk's running routes for Blacksburg and I uncovered some new ones I will try. I expect I will use this quite a bit!

Today's run was a bit challenging and I'm thinking I did too much for the day before a race, even a short one. My IT issues have migrated from the right side to the left and now it's radiating up into my hip. I need to get on top of this and get it cleared up. I'm thinking I should put off Monday's hill work to Tuesday and give myself one day off post-5K. I worked hard this past week and I don't know that my legs have had sufficient recovery time.