Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I signed up!!

I did it. I signed up for the Brush Mountain Breakdown 15 miler on 10/25. After much debate between that and the 8, I decided that I really want to test my limits and see what I am made of! I gave Jake full veto power (well, OK, some veto power!!) and he did not exercise it so it's game on.

I have no goal time in mind, knowing that the trail course is hilly and not what I am used to. I just want to finish in reasonably good shape and in good cheer.

After talking it over, I realized that my fear surrounds the idea of running this alone. That's pretty irrational because there will be others out there (and I plan to take my phone). It's definitely a journey into the unknown. And I have a habit of putting boundaries around what I think I can do and stopping short of that. This time around I'm just saying, why not? Why not me??

I can't believe race week is approaching so quickly. I was reminded that it means dietary changes -- carb depleting for several days and carb loading for several more. Then ravenous for days afterward.

I have that great post-leg-workout soreness that tells you that you did something good and given rest, the muscles will grow. Today Jake introduced a new exercise - lunges up the sloped asphalt loading area behind the WC. It was a nice change. When he announces "new exercise," I know from experience to approach it with a combination of curiosity and trepidation!! He definitely keeps things fun and interesting, never stale.