Friday, October 17, 2008

No predicting how a run will go

My legs have been very sore for the last two days following a Jake-led leg workout Wednesday. (addendum: I was informed that it was "good" I was sore and that I "needed" a good hard leg workout 7-10 days before the race. Live and learn.) Today when I woke up already tired, still sore, and hearing the rain beating on the windows, I really questioned the wisdom of a 6:30 am run. I wondered with the soreness how good of an idea it was to run. With no one to ask, and no legitimate way to back out, I went.

Surprisingly, I had a great run! The soreness did not impact my run in any appreciable way, my energy grew, and so did my focus. I usually see at least a handful of other runners and walkers out, but on this day, I saw no one. I was a bit proud of myself for getting out there to do the work.

there's only Grace

...that's from a song I heard this morning and sums up how I felt. Grace sustained me. Grace keeps things unpredictable and interesting. Grace moves me.