Thursday, March 13, 2014

Doing my thing

It's still a little odd working out these days and being in a state of non-race-focused limbo. I got a call Monday to go in Tuesday day for "saphenous vein mapping" at the vascular lab. I was caught off guard and was like "Sure!! See you then!" Then I was left wondering what the heck I had just agreed to (Google to the rescue) and what it was for? Suddenly things felt sort of scary and real.

Naturally, I did the only reasonable thing and I went for a RUN. Outside. Or I tried anyway. (Keep in mind, I'm the girl who got the call about the first broken fibula while I was trying to 'tough it out' on the treadmill.)  But it was predictably difficult and painful as I could only walk the uphills. I finished just 4-1/2 miles with tears of resignation that this would be my last run until when/if I can get this fixed. I had to push aside a flood of "what if" thoughts. 

Tuesday I headed in for the ultrasound from hips to ankles to image veins -- I guess to figure out what to harvest for a graft. The ultrasound tech wouldn't let me take a picture of the picture of my own veins :-( It did not feel good when she had to go over my puncture site, as it is still tender and bruised :((

Right after my appointment, I worked in my "mobile office" in the parking lot to finish something that needed to go out before I'd be home. The doctor is an hour's drive from the house.

I'd arranged to see my friend (also a triathlete) Kimberly afterward; I wanted and needed a dose of her silly happiness and her cute kids, funny chickens, goats, ponies, horse, and cats. The chickens rush the door anytime you go in or out. They are very busy keeping watch. We enjoyed a nice lunch and caught up in person. (Thank you Kimberly!!)

Wednesday I did 70 minutes on the bike trainer with 3 x 10 min tempo stuff that felt OK. Then Thursday morning I met up with the swim group for a big-for-me swim set of 3450 yards. Fortunately swimming feels just fine. Our coach was out of town so he sent us the workout and we all just got busy with it at our own pace. That meant I was the last one to finish but I felt happy to have done every last yard! (Thanks Rebecca, Eric, and Ed!!)

So that's the report from my state-of-limbo! Just doing my thing and trying to stay busy until whatever next step.