Sunday, October 5, 2008

Homecoming 5K

Ran the Homecoming 5K in 23:52. Here are the full results of the Homecoming 5K

I came home and did the calculation...23:52 comes out to a 7:41 average mile -- exactly what i was shooting for if you look at Not bad considering I never saw any of the mileage markers and could not gauge my pace whatsoever! Seriously, the amazing-ness of getting EXACTLY the pace I wanted has not escaped my notice.

Call me strange, but I have to give some credit to an amazing and loving God. The song I listened to over and over while running was "Made to Worship" by Chris Tomlin. And I'm not implying that God is blessing me for my sake or my glory. He works through one to bless others -- likely in ways we're not even aware of. Prior to the race I wrote on my arm in permanent marker "Do the work" -- shorthand for "Do the work, leave the rest to God."

Incidentally, I won my age group but it looked like all the others in that group were walkers. The weird thing is they took our picture - the first and second place winners for the men and women in the 40-49 age group - and I have to say, I did not feel like I belonged in that photo with those other old looking people!! I have to assume they were all at the upper end of the age bracket!! LOL!!

It was fun to cruise by folks much younger than me. I like to think the result is a testament to what good training can do, and I have to of course give my kudos to Jake who is an amazingly skilled, knowledgeable, and gifted trainer. I don't think he quite realizes what he has to offer and how unique he is. He will go far and I will say "I knew him when...!"

No less impressive is the fact that my family all ran in the 1-mile fun run! Robert ran with Spencer, I ran with Grant. Grant took off at a frenetic pace, stabilized, and started to peter out at the end. It was fun to coach him through the end, knowing what spurs him on. "Grant, do you want that trophy?" "YES!!!" "Grant, do you see those kids behind you? They want it too!" "Just run to that next telephone pole. You can do it! The finish is in sight! Push hard!" And by golly, he did. He finished in about 9:30 and ran on all heart. Spencer came in afterward, with no less heart driving him. They had a good time. Grant won his age group! We enjoyed a nice pig-out at Boudreax's afterward. What a great day for all!