Thursday, July 7, 2011

Product Review: Xtenex Laces

Xtenex laces are THE most comfortable, easy-entry, no-nonsense system out there for running and triathlon. I have used them exclusively for two years in all my training and racing shoes.

Their innovative design features an elastic core and series of stretchable "knots" that allows you to put as much or as little lace between pairs of eyelets to achieve a customized fit.  You can read what the company says about "lace migration" and eliminating "dual-compression impact" but I can just tell you they work and are super comfortable.

Xtenex laces are even in my kids' shoes, which has cut minutes off our home-to-school transition time.  I love them so much I gave them out as gifts last Christmas.
Want a quicker T2? Xtenex.
What laces that comfortably adjust on-the-go for swollen marathon-running feet?  Xtenex.
Want laces that avoid the dangly plastic piece at the top that you have to tuck in somewhere? Xtenex.
Want laces that can help get your kids to school on time? Xtenex.
I became an instant fan when Coach Jim introduced them to me.  You can see from the picture below, we use lots of these laces.  I have mostly the 300 series, but I have some of the narrower 200 series for my Kinvaras that have smaller eyelets. I haven't gotten too bold with my color choices (and they offer many colors and patterns), but I've been tempted!

My shoes and the kids' shoes all with Xtenex.
There's a definite technique to threading the stretched lace (which temporarily flattens the knot) but it's quick to master. Any remaining lace at the top can then be tied in a knot, tucked in, or left to flap.  (The kids prefer them sticking out as you can see) The laces last seemingly forever and don't seem to discolor. I have yet to toss a pair, we just keep moving them along from old shoes to new shoes.

Many top triathletes have switched to Xtenex and I find myself looking for these laces in photos. Last month I saw Rinny Carfrae in a mag sporting bright blue Xtenex in her green K Swiss shoes! You go with those bold combos, girl!

Prior to discovering Xtenex, I tried several other types of laces that are advertised in the back of tri magazines.  But I can tell you the Xtenex are kid-tested, triathlete-approved. Don't waste your T2 time with others.