Monday, October 27, 2008

On to the next race

Three weeks and four days until the Roanoke half marathon! Time is just flying by. This semester has been really difficult and running provides a framework around which the insanity of my life can be semi-organized. I feel good...great in fact after the race. And much to my surprise there was a pretty rigorous leg workout awaiting me today. I'm sure I'll feel THAT tomorrow.

I hope to ride the confidence I got this weekend through the coming weeks, because the pressure is on to have another strong performance to produce the momentum I want to have to head into my spring goal, which I am announcing publicly. I will run in and complete the Pittsburgh Marathon on May 3. It's my home town and my folks live about a 25 minute drive from the starting line at the convention center. The clincher was that it will be exactly 364 days from when I first set foot in the gym, and started working with Jake, having made the decision to get in shape. So we will (hopefully) be able to say I completed a marathon within a year of the start of my training.

I have been warned that the timing is not ideal and that a later race would be better because training for this one will have to start mid-January. December and early January will be "off season" with no structured running. The plus side of a May race is that it shouldn't be sweltering. The idea of a marathon in the heat of mid- or late-summer just does nothing for me!!

I want to join a pace group that runs for a particular goal time (time tbd) so I will have a group and some extra motivation. I'm so excited for this already!! Who knew???? I NEVER thought I would have the courage (insanity?) to commit to this kind of goal. But I know I can do it and enjoy it. I know it won't be easy, but it's doable.

On another topic, I've been eating too much junk since Friday. Today was OK but starting tomorrow I need to cut out the crap. And I will. Really.

Can I also add that I'm really glad we are no longer in sandal season. Had I been warned about the impact of running on my lovely painted toenails, I may have reconsidered. I'll spare you the details, but two of the ten are no longer available to receive nail polish!!