Thursday, June 19, 2008

Photo that inspires me

This picture was taken last fall on a field trip with my students and I can't stand it. This is my inspiration for getting in shape, losing weight, getting better muscle definition, etc. It's not an easy picture to post, but this is the image that comes to mind when I am envisioning a better new me. Those arms. Yuck.

Note to self: Eat SOMETHING before going to the gym.

Apparently my workouts with JRP are going to switch to a circuit routine where I move among exercises and do as many reps as I can in 30 seconds before moving to the next. So it combines resistance and cardio. Sounds like fun!

I swam a full mile today - each lap was breast one way, freestyle the other. It was nice in combination. I forgot to time myself, I want to see if I can do it a bit faster each time. I really enjoyed it and the swimming and running are a great complement to one another. I'd like to keep it up through the year, although swimming outside seems so much more fun than inside.