Friday, July 3, 2009

Finishing the first two weeks of training

I've got the first two weeks of official training under my belt and so far so good with progress in all three areas. 

Swimming - this is the most rewarding area at the moment because it is the most challenging for me. I have very little experience swimming freestyle, or laps, and although I built up some endurance last summer, this year I have had this sense of not being able to get enough oxygen. It's as if I panic a bit and obsess about it  But we've been working on technique and a series of drills, and darned if things aren't feeling much better.  The stroke feels more purposeful, I get more of a glide, and I am settling into a grove that I think I can sustain.  I will know soon enough as the scheduled swims are getting longer!

Running - I haven't been back at it too long but am doing 3 miles with walk breaks between. Today I ran my third mile in 6:54 - VERY fast for me.  I've lost endurance, but I still feel like I have the mental toolkit and a sense of pace. 

Cycling - I am enjoying this tremendously and can feel myself getting smoother, faster, stronger, smarter.  The bike now fits me well and comfortably.  It's a thrill to have that mechanical extension of my legs, manipulated by shifting weight, body, fingertips.  My confidence is growing!  There is a real community amongst cyclists whereas running is a bit more solitary overall.

What I love is the mix of all three endurance sports coupled with weightlifting.  Each offers something unique - the technique of swimming, speed and mechanics of cycling, the mental game of running, and the focus and pure effort for a lift.

It's not easy to juggle it all, particularly coming off this darn injury. Trying to balance effort with rest, family with sport. It's a short term experiment from which I hope to clarify my future directions.