Saturday, October 25, 2008

What a great day!

This is the only picture I have from the race. This is Ling (I believe), who finished right ahead of me.

The other cool news from the day is that at the awards ceremony, I won the GRAND doorprize, which is a free pair of shoes from Runabout Sports! James (the store owner and race sponsor) gave out tons of merchandise. He is an amazing individual and great for the running community. We need to support his store and keep him around.

I won my age group too, but unfortunately I WAS the age group. I'll be curious to see the times. (The results are now posted HERE. I came in 46/56 but 5/10 women. My time was 2:26.50)

I am still amazed by how good I feel, how quickly those 2-1/2 hours passed, and how confident and strong I felt.

I'm enjoying the waning hours of my 24 hours of debauchery. I've had beer, cookies, a huge meal at Zeppoli's and I don't feel at all guilty! Tomorrow....back on the straight and narrow.