Thursday, May 15, 2008


Great day yesterday...did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine at the gym...and it seemed like a tougher workout than the first time I tried it. Forgot my towel. Note to self: don't forget towel. Played in the WTA tennis for 90 minutes and had a blast! Food situation was great...up until about 9 pm.

I stopped by my friend B's house to talk about career paths. She and I are both wrestling with the academic fast track vs finding our own path. After an hour there and a glass of wine, I had the clarity I've lacked for the past six months. It's OK for me to find my own path, one academic year at a time, with a small program, or not, in the summer. Our family can't easily handle two intense careers and dear hubby has enough on his plate and makes far better money. So, I have my 50% appointment next year and am working on another 30% that will bring me to the magic 80% level for benefits.

Oh...back to the story. So B and I shared a glass of wine. Then the trouble started. Came home shared second glass of wine with hubby, then munched out on 6 Newman-Os (organic oreos). Darn it. If I had really thought about it, a glass of ice water was probably all I needed. But, alas, the wine impaired my judgement and willpower. Lesson learned. Avoid wine.

Back on the wagon today. I'm planning to go to the tennis stroke clinic then either the gym or if the weather holds a walk/run with the dog on our trails.