Friday, May 16, 2008

Windy Friday

WOW, that is some wind out there! The kids managed to get their 1/2 hour tennis lessons in and I hit with the one who was not being instructed. The gale force winds (OK, a little exaggerating) made things even less predictable than usual which translated into lots of running after balls. I worked up a sweat and had so much fun genuinely laughing with my kids. I kind of like our Friday night tennis. It's quiet with just the pro and us. That will change next Friday when the pool opens and kicks off....bathing suit season. Wish I had about 6 more weeks to prepare, but I feel I'm on the right track.

All this exercise has helped me get to sleep earlier and sleep better. I'm waking up about an hour earlier than I used to. This weekend I am feeding the horses. I usually lock them in their stalls while they eat so they don't try to steal from one another, so while they were eating I ran some laps around part of their pasture. That was surprisingly enjoyable. I love the cross-country style running but I took two particularly bad steps the last time on the same ankle so I am trying to be careful.

Tomorrow is so busy I will have to get creative about my workout. We have doggie obedience graduation, the kids have chess lessons (their request after getting crushed last weekend), Grant's piano recital, and I'm having a summer student over for dinner. Then Sunday I meet with the trainer, then play tennis Monday.

I've been doing well with food, with one exception today. I was at a meeting where they always have bowls of chocolate out and I ate four pieces of Dove chocolate. It's kind of dumb. If I ate 2 or 200 pieces I don't think I'd be any more or less satisfied. I challenge myself to stop at 1 (or 0) next time. I'm not snacking unless it's some fruits or vegetables, eating smaller portions, and I've eliminated juices, chips, etc....unnecessary calories.

I think I'm feeling better all over. Having made my peace with some career decisions is leaving me feeling lighter and happier...and more hopeful all over. The exercise is definitely contributing to my well being. I see now how much I needed this, and for so long now. I'm glad I didn't wait another day to start.

Michelle - good luck with the 2 miler on Sunday. Is it for an event? Tell us more about it. Celebrate your efforts and have fun!!!