Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Moving along

Life is just crazy. Returned from a quick trip to DC with the kids and was hit with a swift but rather impressive bout of food poisoning that left me incapacitated from 3 pm Sunday until 6 am Monday. Then, as quickly as it hit, it was gone and I was fine. Fine other than feeling like I've been on the losing end of a boxing match with a bear. A small bear, but a bear nonetheless.

So, the blissful easy runs are not happening this week. But, I continue to "do the work". I knew I'd be lucky just to get today's run in so I took the dog for extra cheer. (And it's fun to tempt fate and see if this is THE run on which we'll suffer the ultimate tangle and finally take each other out.) It's always humbling to note how well she keeps slogging along, although she did require two long dunks in the creek and lots and lots of water (whereas I did not, but I did think about it). What's with this 84 degrees in mid-October stuff? It still isn't as bad as 84 in August, so I'll take it!