Sunday, May 18, 2008

Check-in with trainer

What a great way to start off a Sunday! I met with Jake the trainer today and he kept things moving at a pretty good clip. I recall my old powerlifting days when we would do a set and it would be 10 minutes or so before we'd do the next set! None of that today! I like the quicker pace - less time to think or worry about it - and I was pretty tired by the time I was done.

So I've lost about 4 lbs so far, and I just casually mentioned I'd like to lose 10 more to get to where I really need to be and want to be. Without skipping a beat he said I should be able to do that by July 4. It's funny how it's one thing to think it and feel you really mean it and just an entirely different thing to say it out loud and commit to it. But why think it if you're not going to do it? So I like a challenge and hate having unfulfilled goals. I want to be careful to keep in mind that the real goal is to change my lifestyle to the point where I make good food choices on a consistent daily basis and need and crave exercise as an expected part of most days. I don't want to go back to being a desk jockey eating whatever.

So, tomorrow I will start with a food log online ( to track my intake so Jake can help me figure out what adjustments I need to make.

One of my favorite lunches has been a sliced apple with thin slices of asiago cheese - I figured protein and good carbs. Well, I looked carefully at the cheese label. A 1" cube of cheese is 110 calories! Portions.... I try to remind myself that people really don't need the huge helpings we've come to expect.

This week my goal is to pack fruit and healthy lunches/snacks because my days will be quite busy. There will also be temptations with munchies at some of the seminars. I realize the only way to cope is to have my own munchies.

I'm riding the endorphins into another week! Yeah!