Saturday, May 31, 2008

Am I turning into...gasp...a morning person?

Yet another morning begun with exercise! We met for an 8:15 tennis game (thanks, Sharon) which I followed up with a good run. Robert did drop me off and I did the 4+ mile run home with about quarter of a mile done at the walk. This time I avoided the hairy Harding Avenue but cutting through to our trail system and coming up that way. That was a much better way to go - beautiful, shaded, and I think the varied terrain is good for my legs.

I'm anxious to try the Country Club - Arrington - Luster's Gate - Plank - Arrington loop and see if I can handle the hills any better now.

I can't imagine running without the iPod now. LOVE it! my powerlifting days - squatting 265# in the 132# class