Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Finally eating better

Two days with eating back on track. I feel better already and will be glad to feel less "puffy" but it might take a few weeks to undo what I did in a few weeks.

I ran early this morning -- I've not run early like that for a while. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy heading out first thing when it's still dark and my brain has not had time to fill with the petty details of life. The air is cool and still and it offers a degree of anonymity not permitted in the daytime. I felt strong and hyper-aware. It was one of those spiritual runs.

A funny thing happens about 20 minutes into each run. It's a sensation that brings to mind the notion that blood is being diverted from my brain to the muscles of my legs and body. My mind tunnels and the focus comes. (I just hope it's a positive focus, but that is not always the case.)

I missed out on hill work yesterday with that stupid sore quad muscle and am literally craving it now. I asked JRP about trying to still get it in but my request was declined for now.

There are natural ebbs and flows to anything we do....and right now I'm riding a nice running high and can't wait for the next race in 2-1/2 weeks.