Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Very fun tennis night

The highlight of the day was definitely tennis. Between the dismal weather all day and the fact that it's the jam-packed last week of school around here, the ladies did not turn out for WTA tennis. I almost didn't either as I lapsed into a coma-like nap around 4:30. I got up around 6, saw the tennis email reminder and that one of the new summer assistants would be there, and made a snap decision to go. Had Robert fussed, I never would have, but he gave me the go-ahead. I left without even eating the spaghetti he had made. It was great, I ran around alot, and having two experienced players to my inexperience pushed me to try a little harder. I need to carry that with me regardless of who else is on the court. (note to self: those darned overheads...just get over it and get those under control...stop wasting time flubbing those!!)

Michelle, I liked your comment on the last post that getting sleep and being rested is key to maintaining motivation and staying on track. I think you are absolutely right.

Today's report: cardio - eliptical and tennis to a degree; strength - did the prescribed upper body workout and enjoyed (in a sick sort of way) the 100 reps of the core stuff with the medicine ball; stretching - check; food - good, but I caved and had five of those chocolate Newman-Os cookies...sometimes a girl's just gotta get that chocolate thing in. I certainly didn't need five...but the will was weak.

Things feel good and I'm planning on a nice run tomorrow afternoon. I'm thinking I'll take the dog and try out the cross-country course at VT or head to Pandapas Pond. I'd like to push and do a solid hour of maybe 60% running/40% walking.

I haven't weighed myself in days...I'm feeling bloat-y and don't want to see what the scale says quite yet.