Sunday, May 11, 2008

Travelling is hard on the diet

A three-day chess tournament is enough to derail the most stalwart health/fitness reformer. It started with an egg and cheese english muffin on the run, degraded further with a hotdog, and the crowing glory was the pizza. Ugh. Back on the wagon tomorrow.

I can't believe how exhausting these three days have been - walking between the K-1 venue and that for 2-6, keeping track of two kids, two sets of emotions, and two sets of needs (three if you add me in...but we know that doesn't count!). The kids got fairly humbled here, but it seemed to have fueled their resolve to improve their chess game.

The kids want to stay an extra day and I'm antsy to get back. Not sure what we will do. If we stay hopefully we can at least play tennis tomorrow and perhaps I can get a run in.