Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Regaining focus

It feels good to be back and refocused on my goal. This AM played tennis, rather poorly, for two hours. A 45 minute lesson and 90 minute doubles clinic. Two things I really need are more consistency and power with my strokes and quicker reflexes/ability to predict where ball will come and MOVE!!!

Then I went and did my workout at the gym...took me a bit to find all the machines again. Before I worked out I was hungry and went to Kroger and bought one SINGLE apple. $1.14 for an organic apple. Ouch!

Later the kids will play tennis; I'll run and maybe practice my serves. Oh, and I'm at 147 lbs as of right now.

Addendum: Ate dinner at the club and ordered this Mediterranean sandwich and managed to only eat half and bring the other half home. That's a first. Now I'm hungry...so I really just need to go to bed.