Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Mobile Transition Area

Yesterday was a double-brick: ride-run-ride-run. You know it's going to be a good one when you have to write it out on your arm and allocate 3+ hours for it. For these kinds of workouts, I especially LOVE my Mobile Transition Area (aka the vintage minivan) - it's my sheltered and secure bike parking, muli-tiered equipment storage, ready-made bench seat, and changing area. Plus the minivan comes fully stocked with towels, gels, extra clothes, and thanks to the kids, randomly dropped sugar-laced treats I can peel off the floor and enjoy! LOL.

I'm pretty proud of myself for knocking this one out. That morning, I'd taken Grant to an early soccer game and driving home at 10 am, I could hardly keep my eyes open. I felt awful, crawled back in bed, and woke up at noon. I was better, rough still, but nothing seemed to be wrong aside from just being tired. I figured I'd go for it and would just be open to the idea of pulling the plug if I felt worse rather than better as I went. But if I pulled it together, it would be a good reminder that I can still work out or race strong feeling less than 100%.

It ended up going quite well - all 32 bike miles and 10+ run miles - and I came in under my goal paces for the fast parts of the run, which always makes me happy.

Rough days like this are part of the deal but the upside is that pushing through them can provide a much bigger confidence boost than the days where you feel on top of your game.