Thursday, May 29, 2008

I did it!

This morning I took off from the house determined to run/walk for one hour. I covered precisely 5 miles, I know this because I just retraced it with the car. Of that, I jogged precisely the first 4 miles and walked/avoided being run over for the last mile. I ran from the house to Plank Drive and back. The Luster's Gate part is great - gently sloping, wide bike lane, but pretty flat. The stretch on Harding is pretty hairy with bends and no shoulder. There I mostly focused on staying alive. I'm actually rather happy about this. I don't think I've ever run four miles. Sad, I know!!

I saw a whole "herd" of big, black vulture looking things that were perched along the guardrail, waiting for me to keel over I think. It was also fun on the way back when a cute bay horse at the Jaasma's saw me and trotted alongside the fence as I went!

The outside of my right ankle has a bothersome spot that I'm hoping is just growing pains as I get into this fitness routine. I don't want to find out it's the shoes....