Sunday, May 4, 2008

Joined the gym!

OK, so day 1, so far so good. Here was my note to S:

I actually went to the Weight Club today, did 35 min on the treadmill (315 calories), did some basic upper body strength training, and made an appointment with a trainer for Monday to help lay out a plan. I ate fruit today, drank water, and kept portions on the minimal side. Now the plan is just to keep on. I think with your support, the tennis, the gym, etc., I should have the structures in place to help me stick to it. I am tired of thinking about this and threatening to do something. The time is NOW! I try to think about how great I will feel to see progress. I know I have to be patient that it can take a while.

What are your thoughts on diet/sugar-free drinks? Sometimes I wonder if they bring on hunger or are in some way not the "free ride" we all think they are.