Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sweat on top of sweat on top of sweat

What a gorgeous and glorious day!! I was up early again, but I'm glad that's becoming a habit. Got some work done, house cleaned up, ready for the day. I had a tennis lesson at noon, then the kids were supposed to be dropped off at the pool, but they had their chess lesson at 10:30 and didn't wrap up until 1:30! After my lesson, Bill pointed out that jogging in tennis shoes is a bad idea and that I'd better think about running shoes before I end up with shin splints. I had some time and dashed out to get some so I'm all set. I hit with Grant for about 45 minutes then when we got home I did my 40 minute walk/run on the trail in my groovy new shoes!! Wish I'd gotten them long ago.

I'm down to 141.0 I know I shouldn't get on the scale every day, and I realize it's bordering on an obsession, but I find it fascinating for some reason.

The keys for me with eating is (1) have a few no-brainer healthy things around for lunch and dinner to save calories there and (2) have things I can pack and take with me...and plan to do just that. I love those crinkle cut carrot chips, apple slices, or a few roasted nuts.

This morning I had oatmeal with fresh raspberries. That was SOOO delicious, who knew?

Off to the showers...even I can't stand me at the moment.

Make good choices, folks.