Monday, May 5, 2008

Met with the trainer

So today I met with J at the gym. He took my info and goals and turned it into a nice, doable program. I was so glad to have his help to navigate my way around the gym and equipment. The place is so much bigger with more stuff than when I used to go. I realized how much I'd forgotten about the various lifts, plus he had some neat new ones. I like the wall squat with the big inflated ball between my back and the wall. And he didn't make me do abs. I wonder if that is coming. I really hate doing abs.

The movements felt familiar, like coming home. The amounts of weight I moved....well, much, much lower than 15 years ago. But it was still that same great feeling I used to get, that love-hate relationship with "the burn". With J's help, I tried the elliptical machine for the first time and I actually loved it. My heart rate stayed up, but I'm still not sure it felt like the same level of intensity - physically and mentally - that I get from the treadmill. But it's a nice option.

So the plan is to do an overall body workout, one set per exercise, high reps, just twice per week, with 30 minutes of cardio 4-5x per week. There is no reason I can't do that. And J's approach is to just build up the habit and not burn out.

I'll continue to supplement that with tennis 2-3x per week, and then just get off my butt more in between. Like today I spent time lugging buckets of water and watering all my seeds and plants that are all over the yard. Then I figured out a fun thing to do for me and the dog. I practiced my serve in the backyard and she retrieved the ball about 40 times!

I told B, the tennis pro, about my serious intentions to improve my tennis game, get in better shape, and lose lbs to see if he had tips about how to use the gym time to my advantage on the court. I also figure that if I have a few people who know about my plans, it'll help keep me honest!

But the major reason for this lifestyle change is I saw how stressed out and obsessive I got with my teaching and job stuff, and I knew I was just spiraling out of control. I've been hanging on by my fingernails. I need to have some time...and for me that time is not about book clubs, shopping, Pampered Chef parties, or other time-wasters (sorry...just my opinion). I need something physical and positive with tangible benefits.

Food-wise I'm still doing well. My yogurt breakfast, a Kabucha tea (google it....only 60 calories in the bottle and a great appetite suppressant) with carrot slices. Dinner was an orange-ginger salmon and rice florentine that I made. I enjoyed smaller portions and did not feel gyped at all. It helped that I was going to the gym right afterward. Now I'm hungry again and thinking I will eat half an apple. Is that OK or should I stick to my not eating after 9:00??