Friday, May 30, 2008

Still on track

OK, so the weight has plateau-ed. Not surprising, and it's not deterring me. Got up and got to the gym at 6:30 AM (AM!!). It was tough to get moving and I swear gravity was a little on the high side - closer to 10 m/s^2? The whole workout, including 20 of the loooooongest minutes ever on the eliptical, took me about 70 minutes. It's interesting how you can make a set harder or easier depending on speed, range of motion, whether you accelerate in there or just go really steady. I'm trying to focus on the slow steady burn with good form, but that's tough to do on leg extensions and leg curls. They just never feel quite "pure" - it's too easy to throw in a few other muscle groups for good measure. Ahhhh....nothing like the killer burn of a good powerlifting squat.

I had a tennis lesson today too and felt surprisingly pretty good...relative to my own skill set that is. I tried to chill a little on the deep shots - just get there, take my time, and boom - accelerate up and over with a firm grip. When I rush and get panicky it all starts to fall apart. The kids had a lesson before me and I took advantage of the time to get a really good stretch in. Hmmm... wonder if that helped too?

Tomorrow Sharon, Gail and I are hitting at 8:15. My plan then is to get Robert to drop me off at the courts and then after tennis I will jog the 5 miles home. Hopefully I can stash my racquet somewhere then.

One question - after tennis and sweating a small gusher of sweat, I could not quench my thirst despite cup after cup after cup of water. I finally got a Gatorade which seemed a waste of 150 calories, but it seemed to do the trick. Are there other thirst-quenching options out there?