Monday, May 19, 2008


I hopped on the scale today to discover the numbers "145" staring back at me. That astonished me for some reason, and now I have confidence that I can do this and get back to my fit, fighting weight and size. Now I am logging my food at I joined a while ago, slacked off, and now I'm back!

Tennis was great today. I worked on topspin for both forehand and backhand as well as both volleys. Bill moved my grips a bit for groundstrokes and interestingly, the grip stays the same for both volleys (at this point for me anyway). I finally felt like I got a clue about volleys. Lots to work on. In fact, I need to go and write it down. As with every time that I play, I can hardly wait to get back on the courts...hopefully tomorrow at 7.

I'm not all that sore from the gym today with the exception of glutes and abs. Wondering if I should do strength training twice before Sunday? Maybe Wed/Fri?
  • Food - good, at 955 calories. Room for a snack if needed.
  • Exercise - ran on our trail loop with the dog - 35 minutes of hard-core labor on hills. Even she is tired and layed down 50 feet from the house!
  • Stretching - still need to do.