Saturday, June 7, 2008

Slacking on Postings

So I missed postings for the Thursday and Friday. Seems we've hardly been home!

Thursday - did my leg workout at the gym and swam another 1/2 mile. I'm really, really enjoying the swimming and the kids are getting into it too. I always enjoy things we can do as a family.

Friday - Tennis lesson AM, swam 1/2 mile (all freestyle this time), and very fun couples tennis in the evening.

Had a bad night (stomach-wise) and will see what the day brings. I left my racket at the courts last night hoping I'd get up and run there this morning, but there's no way. I'll see if I can even play. I am determined to get some kind of run in today as I've been looking forward to it!

I want to get a second suit for lap swimming as mine is many years old and not in great shape. Went to Dick's and couldn't seem to get the sizing right, but I was there when I only had a few minutes. Funny how I'm not all that huge but I'm toward the top of the swimsuit sizes. On the other hand, Spencer (who is 8) wears a suit that falls under the "mens" category. I challenge any grown man to fit in his suit. My friend Meredith who is tiny was lamenting the fact that she had to get a size large suit bottom at Target and she said how wrong that is - what kind of message is it sending? Sheesh.

Better get dressed for tennis! More later.

Late addition: ran the 3-ish mile loop around the club and where usually I have to walk up three hills, today I only walked up one, so there's definite improvement where running is concerned. Now, for tennis, I think the only thing that might help me there is a sports psychologist!!!