Sunday, June 29, 2008

Outer Banks

Hey gals!

We are at the Outer Banks, NC! The house is great (on the beach, pool, hot tub, elevator, and convenient to the grocery store) and plenty roomy for four families and nine kids under nine. Amazingly, the one and only gym on the whole island is about a quarter of a mile from the house so I jogged my stiff body over there and did a shoulder/back/bicep workout. Only then did I realize how much I've come to rely on Jake laying out all my workouts for me as I felt a little lost, but did OK. The gym is also a spa and we moms are contemplating going for a massage!

It's fairly windy today and on the beach I received a thorough exfoliation. We spent more time at the house/pool than beach and are hoping for calmer breezes tomorrow.

I did OK in terms of food. The problem is the alcohol. We were all up by about 6:30 am and by 11:00 am (yes, AM) drinks began. I had one glass of wine at 3:00 and a margarita with dinner. Then I took a bit of a nap. It's like we relive our party days of pre-kid years but can't hang like we used to. I think every adult napped at some point today! I think I need to pretty much bypass the drinks or just have one at night. It's is it there is still peer pressure at our ages?!!

It's 3 miles down the main road to Canadian Hole on the sound side so I plan to run there and back for my longer run. It's supposed to be Friday but I really want to go tomorrow. Canadian Hole is where all the windsurfers go and it's just this calm, tranquil, shallow-forever area that's quite unusual.

On the trip here, I read a book on competitive running by Bob Glover that happened to be out at our library. It was interesting and answered lots of my questions about nutrition, water, race strategy, shoes, running form, etc. About running form, he pretty much said go with what feels natural, but that one should take about 180 steps per minute. He said that sprinters run ball-heel while longer distance runners go heel-ball. I can't imagine how one goes ball-heel?

Sharon - great job on activity and weight loss! I don't know HOW you bicycled in Highland Park. Robert used to live on Highland Circle and that's a major, straight-up hill. I don't think there is a gear out there that could get me up those hills back there, so kudos to you!

And Michelle, if you are at 140, you are doing fabulously and have nothing to fear on vacation!!