Friday, June 27, 2008

Sleep...elusive sleep

I had my second terrible night of sleep in a row, this can't keep up. I wonder if it's from my significant muscle soreness or what. I almost feel like I'm having a low-level anxiety situation. I did have a Diet Coke at about 6 pm last night so that may have contributed. I popped some ibuprofen during the night too.

I worked out with Jake again yesterday which was fun and we certainly get a lot done in an hour. I always feel like it's time well spent. According to the gym scale, I'm at 140.8 so I'm still losing about 1 lb a week. Of course, at home, my beloved scale has me more in the 137 range. I was reading a book on running and it suggests a weight of 123 lbs for my height of 5'7". Wow. Not sure I'll get there, but as I lose weight I am seeing how much more I can still stand to lose.

Sharon and I had our first tennis ladder match and held our own rather well even though we lost. I was proud of us. Today I have my tennis lesson and a 5-miler scheduled. Even though I'm up and ready to go I'm going to try to hold off on the run until after tennis.

And of course I have those zillions of little pre-vacation errands to run! Can't wait to be in the car on our way tomorrow! We'll have internet access there so I should still be able to check in.