Sunday, June 8, 2008

Enough with slacking on the food log.

So I met with Jake who pretty much called me on slacking on the foodlog. I had an excuse at the's too hard to enter dinners because they aren't simple like lunch and breakfast - oatmeal, eggs, fruit, etc. Pretty lame, huh? So I am back on the wagon, entering food honestly. I was 143.8 on the gym scale and 141.5 on the home scale. Still a huge improvement from the 150.5/151 starting point on the home scale May 1.

Having many lines of accountability is critical. Thanks to Jake refocusing me on my food log, I came home and whipped up the tuna macaroni salad that my husband requested for dinner and for me...brown rice with diced carrots and spicy-sweet tuna mixed in.

I ran before meeting Jake at the gym. I went from the Weight Club, detoured through the Inn parking lot, went up Duckpond Drive, past the cage, left on Washington, down past the bookstore, down the drillfield, and back to the gym. It took 45 minutes and I ran all but about the last two minutes. I am gaining confidence that I can keep running and not have to peter out to walk. So now my goals are to (1) run the 3-4 milers more quickly and to (2) do a 6 miler (the country club route x2). My legs feel good - no nagging pains. Yeah!

Kids have swim team at 5:00 and I plan to swim .5 miles. I'm looking forward to that, and my next run. Who knew this stuff could be fun!!

Sharon - I'm impressed you hit the treadmill this morning, and food when traveling is tough to deal with. You are making great choices...let yourself enjoy some too.

Michelle - let us know how the gym works out, and the spinning class too!

Stay strong!