Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rain, rain go away

Tennis was canceled, bummer. I watched some of the French Open and was READY!!

Got in the gym workout @ 7 am for shoulders, back and arms and although I feel great, my chest is actually sore to the touch from Sunday! My abs are feeling it too.

Took the steps to the 6th floor of McBryde Hall and felt the burn by the top.

Swam laps to the best of my ability, and actually felt the burn in my legs there too. And the burn in the lungs. Funny how much I enjoy the ability to breathe, at will, at any time or place. This one breath every three arm strokes is just a bit limiting!

It's amazing how hard freestyle is for me right now. I hope I'll look back on this and marvel at how far I've come. Right now I can do ONE lap (50 m?) of freestyle and have to take a short break to catch my breath. I can do breast stroke till the cows come home, but freestyle is another story. I'm guessing I did 10 laps of that and a bunch more of breast stroke. I'm enjoying it!

I met another woman, Becky, at the pool who is kind of doing what I'm doing for the same reasons. She's doing some running and swimming, plus classes at the same gym. We talked about swimming and maybe running some together. And she's in the same boat juggling kids too. Neat! She actually did a triathlon last summer. I don't really want to go that route and throw biking in too. I can't let tennis or strength training go and I can't possibly add in anything else (or the expenses that inevitably go along with it).

Bottom line: I'm enjoying all this exercise and am feeling so much better about myself. Finally, rather than just thinking about doing it, I'm actually doing it.

Go, girls!