Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hi from Pittsburgh

We made it to PA. The kids listened to a 5 hour book on tape and I listened to 5 hours of my iPod. They are great travelers, thank goodness.

Today I ran on the Montour trail - a rails to trails area that is quite long and apparently there are plans to connect it to a trail that runs Pittsburgh to Washington, DC! I ran for 75 minutes...I'm guessing about 7 or so miles (they are seriously lacking adequate mileage markers) and it was absolutely glorious. I keep thinking about that half marathon and how happy I will be to complete it and do it strong. Of course, while I'm running, so many strange thoughts about the race come to mind as I'm a planner and don't like surprises and the unexpected. What do I do if it's raining on race day? I guess can't wear things that absorb water. Will my iPod hold up? Will my shoes get soaked? Are there non-absorbent socks? For Danville, do I go the night before and get a hotel room or go the morning of? Do I drag my family along or just go myself? I suppose I'll figure it all out, I have plenty of time at this point.

We are off to the Carnegie Science Center then the kids want to hit tennis balls with Grandma afterward.