Monday, August 15, 2011

Dodged a bullet

I was cleaning off my bike today to get it ready to be transported via a friend's van up to Nationals tomorrow and discovered a big-time flat front tire. I tried to pump it up and heard the telltale pshhhhhh sound of rushing air coming out between the tube and rim. I'm wondering how long it was like that and if it happened during Sunday's race? At any rate, I certainly dodged a bullet.

I have tubeless tires that came on the bike and found out they have to be filled with sealant periodically. I had no idea. Just like I had no idea for the first month of bike ownership that with a presta valve you have to unscrew the end before filling the tire or you are doing nothing. Duh. I did a lot of nothing.

What else do I not know?

Ugh. So it will make an emergency trip to Just the Right Gear tomorrow, because my car is in the shop getting a new radiator today so I can make it to the airport on Thursday.

Maybe I need to go back to my days of riding horses, but with my luck we'd throw a shoe!!