Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Easier the second time

Today was a repeat of last Friday's tempo run with the workout calling for a two mile section at sub 6:50 pace. I used the same course, went out the same time of day and conditions were nearly identical. I had the same average 6:48 pace.

Only this time I was not at all nervous or keyed up about it like I was on Friday because I knew I had done it once and I could do it again. It felt so much easier - mentally and physically. My heart rate was about 4 bpm lower too (that may or may not be a statistically significant difference). Plus I wasn't counting down hundredths of a mile for the last quarter mile or audibly groaning.

I understand now why Coach Jim planned for me to repeat this workout. The first time left me just barely feeling like I could do it. The second time left me confident and ready for more. I like seeing as Coach's intended training plan reveals itself to me.

The legs are feeling great, energy is high, and the body is definitely adapting to the increased demands. I'm ready for part two of race season!!