Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Endurance Films Racing Team....eh, me?!?

Speechless. Floored. Excited. Nervous. (a little anyway)

I was selected for one of just 11 spots on the inaugural Endurance Films Racing Team!  It was announced today at 4 pm via the video below and I already can't wait to meet my teammates. This is unreal. Unreal!  All I know is I plan to have a LOT of fun and do my best to show that we moms train and race hard too!

The back story is that I saw the Endurance Films call for applications on the TriCrowd.com Facebook page. They asked for a 2-300 word statement or a 60 second video. I'd never made a video before but my gut just told me to go for it. Thanks to iMovie, and help from my 11-year-old technology specialist and son, Spencer, we put a video together in an afternoon. It was the day before the TriAdventure Summer Sprint race. Spencer filmed me on the track (yes, I sprinted repeatedly the day before a race), picked the music, and Photoshopped my head onto the Endurance Films logo. We had such a great time putting it together! I knew no matter what the outcome, I would always be glad for all the laughs and the shared experience with Spencer.

And what does a newly minted member of the Endurance Films Racing Team do upon seeing the official announcement? Make the kids watch the video, call mom, dad, husband, post on Facebook, then.....drive one child to a sleepover, receive another child, fold two loads of laundry, and now to hit the gym and grocery store! Gotta get stuff done, training goes on early tomorrow as scheduled with USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals quickly approaching!

Thank you, Endurance Films, USA Triathlon, Jack Kane Custom Racing Bikes, Training Peaks, and Champion Systems.