Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dual identities

I bet most triathletes feel like they have two identities. I sure do.

I did a full-body slam back into reality Monday morning. I departed Planet Triathlon of Burlington, Vermont and landed back on Planet Earth, Blacksburg, Virginia. The compression socks came off, the work clothes went on. No gels or electrolytes needed to pack the kids' lunches. I didn't have to worry about being "aero" or accidentally drafting in the minivan. There is no timing chip at work.

I went from this to that:


I like the duality though. I'm glad to get back to my routine and structure and I enjoy my job. I work with programs to help faculty with their teaching practices.

Today I had a nice little easy run and got back into the gym for the first time in a week and a half. (And at work I felt the earthquake that was centered about 250 miles from me. That was my first and very strange.)

In 17 days I will again depart for Planet Triathlon. Destination: Patriot's Half in Williamsburg, Virginia. It'll be my first half iron distance race. I won't be super trained up for it but I'm excited just to try the distance, see how it goes, and maybe learn a few things for the next time.