Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Residuals from long run; holiday fitness plans

It appears I may have paid a small price for the long run with some right foot issues. I just hate stuff like this and not knowing precisely what the issue is drives me crazy. I don't think I'm doing any damage by pushing forward. I swam on Monday and have not run since Saturday. Tomorrow will be my first outing.

Onto another subject...the holidays. While I am excited for the break, I'm not excited about the loss of structure and routine: food temptations; kids out of school that makes scheduling the gym and running harder; working out alone with no JRP PT for two weeks. My goals for the holidays are:
  • Get back to recording food and crawl into bed early with a good book to avoid evening munchies (graham crackers seem to be the thing and they are high in calories).
  • Drink more water
  • Do more stretching
  • Bump up core work
My weight was back up to 127 -- certainly not bad, but inching out of what feels good on me. I just need to keep things in check over the holidays because I want to be fairly lean heading into the marathon training program.