Friday, December 19, 2008


I don't write much in here about tennis, primarily because it's not something that lends itself to being measured, counted, gauged, or tracked. But this blog has become my filing cabinet for organizing all things related to fitness and tennis is a big part of that.

I play on average 2x/week in the winter - doubles and a group clinic and/or private lesson. I started tennis in earnest almost two years ago. A year ago we got a great pro at Blacksburg Country Club, Bill Woods, who has elevated tennis for the whole BCC crew. He brings great energy and tremendous patience.

Take-aways from recent lessons:
  • slice: lead with butt of racket, finish short, karaoke step to get shoulder turned and low, moving forward through shot.
  • slice serve: toss to the right, hit on outside of ball, target more to middle since ball naturally goes left.
  • topspin serve: back of ball from 8 to 2 o'clock
  • serve: step forward into court, less rotation.
  • groundstrokes: spin (always), close racquet face some and sweep up over, finish the shot, don't get too close to ball, head stays down, hit deep
  • volleys - squeeze racket firmly, step into ball
  • small steps, on toes
  • overhead - turn, keep left hand up, don't get too far under the ball
  • drop shot