Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New exercise

Today's workout included a "new exercise" - two words that, from past experience, invoke a mix of curiosity and fear, not necessarily in that order or in equal proportions.

This little gem involved the Smith machine (barbell on track constraining it to vertical axis only), two stacked steps (think aerobics) and a combination of a lunge and knee-to-the-groin motion. I bravely tried it - a definite quad-buster that left me breathless and sweating. Jake noted that he had no name for it, and after struggling mightily through three sets of ten PER leg, I suggested the moniker of "death". OK, maybe not. But quad-buster would be pretty descriptive. It seems to be pretty effective, I'll grant him that.

Apparently I must have looked like I was having so much fun doing the wall squats/quad-buster/lap of lunges on track/leg extensions/squats that it generated interest and a new client for Jake. Glad that so much good could come from my suffering! LOL!

My quads burn like no other muscle group on my body and I struggle to push through that. I'm reading Lance Armstrong's War by Daniel Coyle, and he writes of one of the riders:
Hamilton had a trick he did when he was at his limit, where he tipped his head back and relaxed into the pain. That was they key not to fight it but to let it become a part of him. Strange, how hardness and softness were so close.

I like it. I'm going to try that.