Friday, June 13, 2008


I keep thinking it's Saturday, but alas, it's just Friday!

Yesterday the preacher curl bicep machine was busy so I did the free weight version with the preacher bench and curl bar, with just 7.5 lbs loaded per side, but let me tell you, I can definitely feel the effects today! I love it.

I did as I said and did zero cardio yesterday, unless you count the endless pacing around at our first swim meet (see Martin Family Blog). It was a fun time despite the fact that I am terrible at waiting around at things like that. The boys were amazing!

Today I have tennis in the AM and a tennis social in the PM and will swim, do my core worksheet, and stretch in between. I want to run, but am thinking I should save myself for my 6-miler I want to do tomorrow AM.

I'm still keeping my food log, but it keeps showing me in the 1300 calorie range, which tells me I should be losing more weight. I wonder what the margin for error is. I'm trying to be accurate with portions sizes, even pulling out my postal scale here and there. SparkPeople sent this out today; I like the visuals:

A Single Serving

Is About this Size…

3 ounces of meat

Deck of cards

1 ounce of nuts

Ping pong ball

1/2 cup cooked beans

Tennis ball

1 egg

Stick shift knob

2 tbsp. nut butter

Golf ball