Sunday, June 22, 2008

Running at 40+

I got a number of Runner's World mags from the library's free bin. They are from 2002-3, but how much does running really change?! They are full of stories of 40+ folks who have started running and never stopped, including a 90 year-old woman who does ultramarathons. I don't see it as a bad thing, or necessarily a short-term thing. I'm sure it depends on one's body and one's approach. From what I've read, it's best to stick to running 3-4x a week and fill in with other activities like swimming and lifting to balance it out. I just picked up a second pair of running shoes, with the idea being that if you switch off, it's like cross training for your feet because you get slightly different angles, support and impacts.

I didn't plan on any exercise today but we did take the kids to an amusement park ("Kennywood") which was fun. Probably should have left the "Raging Rapids" ride for the end, we were soaked and took all afternoon to dry up. I'm not a big ride person nor is my older son so I was pawning the 6 year old off on other families here and there!! He has no fears. I dabbled in some foodstuffs that I had no business dabbling in (cotton candy, ice cream). It's those BLT's darn it. I kind of knew going in I'd let some stuff slide.

Tomorrow am I have two of my three presentations then will reward myself with an afternoon run on that delightful trail. The challenge will be keeping it short per JRP's training plan. Darn!

Sharon, I feel for you with the hunger...I get the same thing. I definitely agree that food cravings and hunger levels are tied into hormonal patterns and I don't know what the answer is. Maybe google hunger and hormones, maybe there are ways to cope? I did read in the paper today that foods high in fiber are supposed to satisfy hunger longer. I've been starting my day with oatmeal for a few weeks and I think it helps??

Michelle, your cross-training days with your family sound like so much fun. You must live in a nice area for biking.

Tomorrow is a new day - good choices, all!