Wednesday, June 25, 2008


It's a busy 3 days in town before we leave for the beach. And trying to fit in all the sports is a challenge. I hit a wall at the gym today, I'm pretty beat from my trip. I can tell I'm tired when (a) I can't make a decision and (b) I feel like I am on the verge of crying! And since (a) and (b) were true, I opted to bag tennis tonight in the hopes that I'll be fresh tomorrow. Much waffling was done on that decision, but the kids wanted to come home thank goodness. I ran for 35 minutes on our trail this morning...with doggie...which was fun. And my legs are a good sore from the workout today. I'm going to force myself to get in bed by 9:30 tonight, if not sooner.

I went ahead and signed up for the August Salem 10K today so I am committed to that race. And excited for it.

Funny thing about this quest to get in shape. I've gotten to a point where I've made a significant difference in my level of fitness and weight but I still see room for improvement in my food choices. I'm ready to kick it tighten things up a notch and not lose any (or much) ground at the beach. Jake said that something like 90% of people are not willing to make the necessary diet changes that are necessary to bring about weight loss and reshaping.

I want to shed another ten lbs, which will largely have to come from diet and food choices because I can't see me adding in any more exercise other than the fact that weekend runs will start to get longer. And my swims are now longer. I'm loving the swimming!

Just thinking randomly here, my advice to others who want to get in shape would be to:
  1. Get a knowledgeable trainer whom you gel with and work with them on a regular basis.
  2. Find a variety of activities -- 2 or 3 -- that you like to do and rotate among them. Include something you don't typically do and enjoy the fun of learning a new activity. Have at least one activity that has a community aspect to it - a class, clinic, club, etc. Be creative -- tap into things your kids are doing, or start something as a family.
  3. Make a comprehensive fitness plan and stick to it...then there are no decisions to be made...just DO it!
  4. Log food honestly and consistently and have your trainer or a nutritionist check on it for accountability. This helps you to make better food choices.
  5. Identify friends with similar fitness goals and support one another.
  6. Get new workout clothes that you can feel good about putting on.
  7. Have a goal (or goals) -- even though I fought this one, I see how motivating it can be!!
  8. Be proud that you are no longer "thinking about getting in shape" but doing it.
  9. Think long-term lifestyle changes, not a quick fix to reach a goal.
  10. Be slowly, patiently, and diligently to stay healthy and mentally energized. Leave yourself wanting more lap, one more mile, one more set!