Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Morning Tri Coffee Reads - January 26

Nutrition and Health
  • From the Rearview, I've got a Clear View - Kevin Purcell, D.C.  Endurance Corner, January 25, 2013 - Coach KP talks about what happens when life pushes us away from a fitness lifestyle. It's a slippery slope, one that he descended and returned from. 
  • Racing Weight - Jeff Irvin at Dangle the Carrot, An Endurance Blog, January 21, 2013 Jeff presents his weight and 5K times over the last 3-1/2 years and discusses his thoughts as an "n" of one in his own experiment. While he's not prepared to attribute all of his speed gains to getting leaner, he does think it's a significant factor. I do too! In fact, my Endurance Films Racing Teammate, Nick Logan, has been documenting the same phenomenon. The guy has been setting PR after PR, all while getting leaner. Disclaimer: there are limits to what is healthy lean and what is not.
  • Fast Descending - Cycling Secrets, January 13, 2013. Brief video and simulation explaining how to descend, and corner at speed, safely (but quickly). 
  • 10 Tips for Riding in the Rain - Philip Booth, Road Bike Action ( - I could have used this a few weeks ago when I had a very cold, wet, rainy ride and felt the rain dripping down my tights, into my shoe covers, and into my shoes. Did you know you can buy clip-on fenders?
  • NYC Bound: A Triathlon in my Apartment - Outside Online, January 3, 2013. Brooklyn resident Noah Davis reports on doing a triathlon inside his apartment building - pool, bike trainer, treadmill. Too bad the guy didn't have a Vasa Ergometer, he could have done it all right in his own apartment! The indoor triathlon phenomenon seems to be gaining momentum as LifeTime fitness has announced 81 events at their facilities!
  • Slowtwitch 50 - Dan Empfield, January 24, 2013 - top 50 retailers in the United States who, "most expertly serviced the sport of triathlon with retail goods" last year. Dan, in good research protocol, discloses some weaknesses with the process. Still, it's a handy list and if you find yourself in one of those towns/cities, you can check out the retailer!
Strong and Inspiring
  • Skirting the Issue - Runs Like a Duck, blog, January 25, 2013. I follow "Duckie" - she's a triathlete and makes a living braiding show horses on the circuit. As a former horse person (and not a great braider) I find it doubly impressive that she integrates tri training with her work. Anyway, this is a great piece on choices and gender issues in sport and equipment. This line made me laugh (and I agree) - "I prefer "shrink it and pink it" to "dumb it down and make less functional.. then slap a flower on it."
  • Hector Picard's Can Do Attitude - Herbert Krabel, Slowtwitch, January 14, 2013. Hector is a triathlete and double arm amputee from Florida who has completed 70 triathlons including iron distance and marathons. He just sounds like one of those people you'd really want to meet. 
  • Endurance Films just released their 2013 Paratriathlon Promo Video featuring a number of top paratriathletes. How cool that it will be included in the 2016 Rio Paralympics!