Sunday, January 6, 2013

Triathlon is beautiful

I took this self pic on the bike trainer on Friday. It made me think about how triathlon is not exactly a glamorous sport. We sweat (a lot), we get dirty, we cross the finish line with salt stains and crusty lips and snot on our faces. We "go" freely in the woods, or right in our shorts if we're busy racing (so I've heard ;-). We get helmet head and goggle eyes. We swim and don't bother to brush our hair before we hop on the bike. We eat bugs on the bike (not by choice), get chain grease on our legs (and hands and clothes), and put sweaty bare feet into toxic-ly smelly cycling shoes. We spit and blow snot rockets and wipe noses freely on our gloves. We might even wear hippy headbands and toe socks. We get crazy tan lines and black (or missing) toenails. We wear tape on our bodies and compression socks with shorts. And if we're really digging deep, we throw up, and keep right on going.

Triathlon is beautiful. Isn't it the BEST?