Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Morning Tri Coffee Reads - Welcome to 2013!


  • 7 Tips to Stop Sugar Cravings by Diana Herrington (January 2, 2013) - This was a good reminder of reasons why to cut back on sugar and practical tips on how. As the last of the holiday cookies and sweets disappeared from our house, I was left with only cravings. Clementines have been my go-to substitution. Speaking of, here's a good resource on the different types of oranges from the Huffington Post.

  • What do orthotics and shoes really do? Looking at Data from a Professional Runner by Steve Magness at Science of Running (January 2, 2013) - This was not a controlled "study" per se but a look at what happens to the stride of one runner in shoes with various heel drops (heel to toe height difference) and with and without orthotics. One finding, "Orthotics almost always switch to a more pronounced heel strike (probably for a few reasons- They add weight, bulk, and increase the heel to toe drop."

  • What I Learned During My Biggest Running Year Ever - by Steven Stenzel of Steve in a Speedo?! Gross! (January 1, 2013)  I just discovered this blog, written by a college prof / Ironman who is not slowed down by pushing a stroller in road races! He offers practical advice on how to train to run better and faster (and you have to see his pink plaid running shorts).
  • Check out USA Triathlon's Best of 2012 including top moments, photos, quotes, news, and video. Endurance Films was recognized for the best video of 2012 with their Collegiate Nationals Promo video!
  • Next time you are on your bike trainer for what seems like a record-setting time (that was me yesterday, feeling like 90 minutes was amazing), think of Jamie McDonald who may have broken the Guiness World Record for static cycling last month (awaiting verification). He cycled for 11 days with only 90 minute sleep breaks. The current World Record holder is Patrizio Sciroli who cycled 224 hours and 24 minutes, finishing May 15, 2011.

  • If you missed them last September/October, the Ali'i Drive series of videos from Ironman are really well done and inspiring as pro triathletes share what makes them tick. These short videos are built around themes like Strength, Dreams, Culture, and this one on Ticks and Routines looks at the sometimes funny race week habits pros have!

  • Promo video for the 2013 ITU World Championships in London! I'm looking forward to biking past Buckingham Palace!


Have you checked your swim suit rear-view lately?
Do you know what others see?

How I feel in the pool sometimes

Game face!


  • Impressive ways to Exercise and Generate Energy by eFitology Staff, August 11, 2009 (old but still thought provoking).  Use your bike as a generator, for a cinema, laptop, iPod and cell phone charger, blender, apple grinder, tree, gym, or as a pedal-powered washing machine!