Thursday, January 24, 2013

Schedule Challenges Amidst Weather Challenges

The forecast is calling for continued cold and now snow on Friday. With a longish run on the schedule for Saturday (105 minutes) and the high potential of slick roads, I am planning to move it to Friday morning and try to beat the snow, but there is no avoiding the cold temps (low of 14...sigh).

But moving the run sets off a ripple effect in the training schedule, which is why I rarely mess with the schedule except in the case of potentially dangerous roads on a long-run day. (The treadmill is not a great option since I don't use it regularly - once in two years - and am not about to start with a long run.)

Friday's pool swim will have to move to this morning (now in fact); the bike trainer workout stays. The Erg workout will move tomorrow which means hitting the Erg two days in a row (Fri/Sat). My trip to PA shifted our gym workouts to later in the week so I need to squeeze in one more gym session, probably on Saturday. And that all depends on decent roads to let us get out of the valley and into town. ACK!! It reminds me of those sliding tile puzzles, where you have to get pieces lined up and there's just one empty space allowing movement!!

The weather-induced logistical challenges are a big part of the sport. I try to be flexible and creative and I'm thankful my daily schedule (and family!) allows for that. It helps to be a good weather forecaster too :-)

Off to the pool....