Thursday, June 28, 2012


I just found this photo from the Salem Sprint Tri and thought it was the perfect metaphor for what drives me, and probably most of us: to FINISH and to finish STRONG.

I recall a situation as a child, when I had done something maybe 90% of the way but had skipped some final step that would have taken something decent and turned it into something great. I can't even tell you the specifics of the circumstance, but I remember very vividly not feeling good about it or myself. As young as I was...maybe 10?...I decided that was not how I was going to be. From then on, every book report got a hand-drawn cover, and every country on the paper map was outlined in colored pencil before being carefully shaded. You get the idea!

Even now, give me something to do and it's going on a "list" and it's getting done in a timely manner and getting done right.

One way I manage this is that some things just never make it on the "list" and if they are never started, there is no pressure to finish!! One of those would be weeding, my gardens are a mess right now.

Exhibit "A". THIS is a weed.
But I've kind of been enjoying watching it grow!!

This idea of finishing completely and finishing strong translates to my training too. If a run calls for 10 miles, it will never be 9.8, nor 9.99, but it might be 10.01, 10.3 or even 11.  It probably won't reach 12 though, because then I'm slipping into "not following directions" territory and I used to get called out on that quite a bit in my earlier days of being coached.

This is much of what I find rewarding about work and training -- knowing I am FINISHING each and every task and workout completely and to the best of my ability.

And afterward? I get to cross it off the list! My hope is always to cross things off faster than I can add them. Lately that has not been the case.

If you can relate to this post, you would probably enjoy Big Daddy Diesel's post (from Active.Com) about Are you Addicted to Endurance Training? Many of the descriptions were quite fitting for me!

Get out there today and whatever you are doing -- FINISH....and FINISH STRONG!!