Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rocky River Metro Park Ride

My double-IM nephew Evan and I hit the roads of the Cleveland Metro Park today around 9 am. He was not so enthusiastic about my suggested departure time of 6:30 am and vetoed that. The narrow park is pretty cool as it snakes around the outskirts of the city and provides a running path, bridle trails, and great views of the Rocky River. We started west and went south!

Evan explained that it was pretty much one road through the park. Thanks to my bad habit of preferring to ride at the front, as I'd approach an intersection I'd look back for confirmation....and he'd say "straight". This went on for a while - I'd look back, he'd say "straight" - before I finally caught on. Straight. OK, this I can do.

Evan was in DC on an internship all spring and didn't ride much so I appreciate him riding 46 miles with me. Youthfulness can carry you far, but only to a point. On one section (maybe after I had my caffeinated gel and POSSIBLY surged), he said he almost had an "English Muffin reversal" (his pre-ride breakfast). I had fun on the flatness of it all, but the road surface was pretty rough in places and it took some vigilance to avoid the potholes and tire-eating crevices.

I did notice that people in Ohio are very friendly. One passenger took the time to stick his head out the window and very articulately and with rather impressive volume share a succinct compliment about my gluteus maximus region (I'm paraphrasing). He was clearly passionate about fitness, LOL.

The picture above was the coolest part of the river. You can't even see the river behind me, but it has this impressive shear cliff leading up to a busy road on top. It's such a juxtaposition of nature and urbanism.

I'm so glad I had this opportunity to ride with Evan as fellow triathletes!