Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Yellow Shoes visit Lake Erie

I got a nice run in this morning on Lake Road, which is oddly enough, right along Lake Erie. It seems the Cleveland area is not just cyclist-friendly, but runner-friendly too. A lot of houses had cooling water misters going along the sidewalks I'm sure expressly for the early morning runners like me. That was very thoughtful! One downside I noticed with all the manicured lawns and gardens (and security signs and gates) was one would have very limited options should "nature call" mid-run. That's certainly not an issue where I live.

This is one of the quaint little bungalows I ran past along Lake Road. They don't have much in the way of backyards with all that lake in the way so they probably go cheap.

The last time I ran up here was two years ago, but I can still remember the exact podcast I listened to that day - it was an Endurance Planet episode on Marshall Ulrich! I also made the same wrong turn coming back into the neighborhood that I did then.

I felt pretty good today, after yesterday's bike ride. I think the cross training I added helped. I swam with these monkeys:

and I did some trampoline-assisted "plyometrics":

We don't do a lot of sitting around up here!!