Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mighty winds

We are among those who experienced the CRAZY seemingly out-of-nowhere gigantic storm front that came across West Virginia and Virginia yesterday. We were driving home when it hit, through a valley that within minutes was littered with downed trees. I really thought the van was going to be picked up Wizard-of-Oz style. We picked our way through limbs and made it home to a dark and quiet house.

Half a million without power. We are hearing it could be many days before it is restored. No power, no water and it's in the mid 90's.

Fortunately, campus and the main areas of town are largely unaffected. I took a 10-mile "running tour" of town early today (showers work at the gym, thank goodness)  and saw so many grand old trees that did not survive the night. It broke my heart.

The run was in lieu of the bike ride I was supposed to have to with Coach Jim, but with the roads covered with debris, biking was out. I'll try for tomorrow.

Looks like we'll be tossing out a lot of food. In addition to the normal stuff, we have an upright freezer full. Ugh. Such a waste.....

Ready or not, seems we'll be having a bit of an adventure this week.

Addendum: With a solar array and bank of batteries from Solar Connexion one would still have power and an operational well pump/water (see recent video of owner Bryan Walsh's house)